Our Best Doctor (Part 1)

I have secrets that I'm learning and becoming fascinated about. God created our "immune system." Something inside us is God's best doctor against germs and diseases. Do you know that while inside a coffee shop writing this, I'm inhaling into my nose and taking into my body thousands (possibly millions!) of germs from around me?  Then why am I not dead?  It's because of my built-in cell immune system. That's right, I have immune cells that kill the invaders to stay alive! ... The mother's milk contains molecules in its colostrum that provides immunity to a new-born baby ... If you'll look at the cows, how come they don't get sick despite their unsanitary environment and food?  They have super immune system! Cows actually have great colostrum too... The body indeed was created by God with self-healing abilities... It's similar to the spiritual life.  But that's another story. Let me share a bit about it next time.  I've to go.  Cheers!