God's Keys to Long, Healthy Life (Part 1)

While talking to a pastor-friend of mine, he remarked that I look younger than my age. It's not "noticeable," according to him. Indeed, I praise God for I never had any major medical hospitalization in my whole life and my blood pressure is still 120/80 at the time of this writing. I even dream of running the marathon till age 100 plus! All of us want to enjoy good health. We avoid sickness and injury. But you know what? We have health guidance. Not just from medicine or health sciences. But from our CREATOR who gave His desk reference manual.... Somewhere in 1800s, human life expectancy was just 40 years old. But today, partly because of modern advancements in medicine and health care, our life expectancy has approached an average of 80.... However, what we can all notice is that most of the world's medical and health care systems center on "cure" of diseases. My belief is that God wants us to focus on "prevention" to live longer, healthier lives by following basic, God-given natural health principles.