God's Keys to Long, Healthy Life (Part 2)

"Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you" (3 John 2 NIV).

Beginning this month, I'd be having a weekly 2-hour hospital-based training/counseling sessions for clinical patients, doctors, nurses, and staff on "Spiritual Healing and Care." The said program is based on the integration of spirituality and psychology with medicine. Today, there is indeed a growing body of solid medical/scientific evidence of the close connection between a person's spiritual/psycho-emotional condition and his or her healing, recovery, and total health. Using my own book, "God's Inner Healing: A Guide in Life Recovery, Healing, and Mission" and other psycho-spiritual resources, I look forward to working with Dr. De Guzman and Dr. Lising as my partners in this hospital to reach out to and help people heal in the holistic sense.

God's Health and Longevity Key # 1

The idea that one's spiritual. emotional, and psychological condition could affect bodily health is ancient wisdom. But in the last few decades, the medical community have taken a closer look and revived this ancient wisdom in the practice of medicine.

Medical researchers in the 1950s noted that cardiac patients shared a "type A" personality. They are characterized to be impatient, competitive, and always in a hurry. In the February 1997 issue of Newsweek, it branded "type A" personality as toxic in terms of components as hostility and cynicism. These traits are real risk factors for heart disease.

Remarks Harvard Health Watch: "More than a dozen investigations have asked if stress increases susceptibility to the common cold; all have concluded that it does." Medical and scientific proofs also point to emotional factors influencing vulnerability to cancer as well as the ability to recover from it. Inability to forgive, bitterness, anger, and hopeless outlook toward life all make us vulnerable to disease.

GOD created our bodies with a natural immune system. Unhealthy spiritual and emotional attitudes suppress the body's immune system ability to fight against cancerous and bacterial cells.