WHO and UN Call Spirulina the "Superfood"

My eyes are being opened to a lot of things these days. One time, I was posed this question, "Do you know that an overwhelming majority of what you eat each day is poisoning you?" That makes me wonder about the meals I eat each day in the house, in the malls etc. Processed foods, meat, fried foods, and snacks take a big chunk -- and I discovered how much I regularly take in are actually nutritionally empty! In fact, most of them can lead me to disease. Hippocrates, Father of Medicine, is right when he said his famous dictum, "Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food." The good side of the news of all these that I'm discovering only now is this: I can protect myself by changing my food habits from here on. WHO (World Health Organization) and the UN (United Nations) name nature's longest living food (3.5 billion years old in fact!), SPIRULINA, as "superfood" of the century. It has a noble purpose -- to answer the health and wellness dilemmas of modern man. Spirulina is a high alkaline seaweed, natural food. It can be taken for a long time for it is non-toxic and has no side effects. Among many other things, it can change the weak acidic body condition to a healthy alkaline condition. Acidic body condition may cause many modern diseases like hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, gout, rheumatism, cancer etc. (http://holisticchristiancare.webs.com)