Writing as Healing Therapy

I've always found writing as therapeutic. Writing is a way of healing, having been researched since the 70s. It's a medically recognized safe port in the physical, mental, relational, and emotional pains of life. By writing about your past, your struggles, and storms, you may discover a sense of personal freedom and healing. In my own case, when I wrote my book, "God's Inner Healing," a lot of my motivation was to document what the Lord was doing as I went through a wounded heart and how it may in turn help many others heal. In writing, I discovered that I can really be good at lying to my self! So with the help of the Holy Spirit, I was helped to be more deeply honest to God, others, and my self. I believe if I had not written, I wouldn't be nearly as open, freer, and whole as I am now. My writing in my book, alongside my online journals and articles, did develop a kind of life of its own.... If you are currently struggling or in pain right now -- whether physically, emotionally, relationally, financially etc - , try "writing therapy."


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