Your Hand in God's Hand

" 'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future" (Jeremiah 17:9)

I was reading portions of Bo Sanchez' book dealing on "you past does not have to define your present or future" when I got reminded of Jeremiah 17:9. Past failure and mistakes need not destroy our hope for the future. If we choose to trust in and follow the Lord, we can discover the elation of being reborn and stronger than before! .... In actual life, I know it is not easy. It will be painful when you begin to realize your sins and failures and move to correct them. That's why changes are not likely to happen without the help of God's Holy Spirit and power. The Bible is filled with examples among His people who found the greatest successes after experiencing overwhelming brokenness and failures. Even if healing, restoration, or reconciliation is not possible after your best efforts, do not think God's plans for you are over. God has called you and He wants to use your life for positive purposes... Maybe, you'll say, "I can never be happy without this thing or that person!" You can choose that road, but it will make your life miserable by making each day a rerun of the past. If after you make your best efforts, nothing still happens, where does that leave you? It leaves you with your hand in God's hand! That's beautiful, secure position to be in. You'll be free from past guilts because you've repented of your sins and mistakes and made efforts to correct them. It leaves you with the satisfaction of standing before God with a clear conscience. That's God's hand of personal growth and ministry for you that will lead to deep fulfillment. Your relationship with God will be vital and growing... Rejoice with the psalmist who says, "This is the day which the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it" (Psalm 118: 24). You may not be able to feel like rejoicing over the past or even the present. But you can rejoice that God has a plan for you and can use this day for good... Remember that your happiness and security are not dependent upon a thing or the other person, but upon your response to God and life. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" (Philippians 4:13).

Here's the spiritual principle: IF IT DOES NOT HAPPEN, YOU CAN BE HAPPY. WHY? YOUR HAND IS IN GOD'S HAND. Let go and let God. Believe that the best is yet to come. God "works all things together for good to those who love God" (Romans 8:28).