Meet John

“Do not work for food that spoils but for food that endures to eternal life” (John 6:27).

John is addicted to success, pleasure, “good, comfortable life.” On a material/financial level, he’s able to accumulate more and more money each year. He sets goals and is able to accomplish them to advance his career for most of the time. He seems to have everything he wants.

Here’s an interesting discovery. Although he’s achieving and accumulating more and more pursuing “things,” the “benefits” he’s gaining are very limited. When he feels bad, he’d go buying things or watch a movie. If he wonders about directions or is feeling bored, he’d think of his accomplishments or entertain with friends.

Still, deep down, John is not really happy. He believes God wants to bless him. But the problem is, he has created God in his own image and self. What John actually believes in are his icons, his “idols,” his drugs of self, comfort, and pleasure that he uses to escape painful guilt feelings in his life.

John doesn’t need new icons or drugs to feel better. He needs a new god. The real God. When he worships his present gods of success, comfort, and pleasure, it helps him collect more selfish idols. But John comes to realize that though his portfolio is multiplying and growing, he is not. There are still shadows and ghosts following him. John needs to change gods.

Jesus knows this human condition all along. That’s why He is always pointing and teaching people to eternal things. He can read our hearts. He knows our attraction to instant gratification. He sees our delusion - the temporary satisfactions we get from the euphoria of idols and drugs of the world.

Jesus invites us to leave our selfish gods and turn to Him. He’s the only who can truly cure and satisfy. He’s the real God of hope, healing, and happiness in this life and beyond.