Incredible Flooding, Divine Washing

I thought it's a "normal" typhoon. Nothing to be anxious about. Until I got stranded on the way home from an international conference. No bus, car, or vehicle can pass due to deep waters filling the roads. This is the worst flood in over 40 years in my country. A newspaper today posted 51 people killed and 280,000 displaced by the killer floods. Cars submerged in water. People walking or swimming on the water. The highways became long open parking spaces. People crying for help. Thank God, my family is safe, we live in an elevated place. It's me who's trapped by the flood and can't go home! As of this writing, I'm still out, hopefully the rains will stop and the roads become passable again .... Could this be divine washing and healing for the people and government? I believe we know very well what caused this to happen. Neglect. Selfishness. Don't care attitude. Undisciplined waste management. Throwing garbage anywhere. Pollution. Authorities and politicians spending billions of money campaigning/advertising themselves, traveling and dining lavishly in foreign countries, allocating funds for new presidential jets etc. But ... no budget for what really matters to the people's survival. Yes, we do have a way to figure out the root of the problem.... Unless the people learn the wisdom of God from natural calamities such as this recent flooding and change, things can get worse. We are all responsible for our choices and consequences.