Self Parenting ...a seminar for parenting one's self

One evening, I heard this ad over TV Channel 7 broadcast, "Paano ka mag-aalaga ng bata kung ikaw ay bata rin?" (How do you take care of a child when you're a child your self?). It gave me one of my most insightful points during a biblical self parenting seminar that I just recently conducted this week in a large, South Manila-based school. Around a hundred people or more came (fathers and mothers, teachers, principal, guidance counselors, including the wives of the municipality's mayor and congressman). It's a different kind of parenting seminar because the focus is on the parents themselves and not on the children. In the seminar, I shared about Christian inner healing and character formation of the parents first before they can apply healthy parenting techniques to their children. I also shared about my own parenting journey, including the ups and downs, my mistakes and joys. I hope and pray to reach out to more parents in this area. I'm not an expert on child rearing techniques (others can more effectively teach that!). But I believe the Lord has raised me to teach well on how to "parent one's self" and heal the "inner child" as a foundation for authentic, long-term parenting of children. I know. I've been there. And I praise God for the opportunity!