Thoughts On My Wonder Daughters

It can be tough sometimes to be a Dad. Especially when your kids are two very young, hyperactive daughters. Christine is almost 16, while Angel is nearing her 7th b-day. Of course, each one is unique..... Christine likes pretty things - clothes, make-ups, friends! She's teenager now. No longer my little first-born baby. I've to adjust to that. Looking back, it was a little tough being a Dad to her in the later years. Especially when I'd blow my lid! I wonder at times how she gets that way. Oh boy, was I surprised when we apologized to each other one time after a misunderstanding and focusing on faults. And then, she sent me a love card even when my stomach still had butterflies! Isn't my Christine such a wonder kid? .... My little "bunso" Angel loves toys, chews lots of candies, and makes drawings/colorings every time she gets a paper. She bugs and teases, especially her older brother Paul. She goes to bed on time each night with Daddy. And I believe she's one of the sweetest little girls you can find! My little Angel is a wonder kid herself too.....To both of them, I'm sorry for some mistakes I did in the past. I did and am doing the very best I know to care for them. I wish I were a wonder Dad myself. I wish I could make them completely happy in this life. I love them so very much, my wonder daughters. They're the Lord's gifts.

Photo Album:  Life Journey with Angelo Subida