Breaking the Curse to Heal (Part 1)

I believe many of the problems a nation or individual faces is because we need to deal with "generational curses." When you take a look at it closely, a number of the problems we deal with -- insecurity, anger, poverty, adultery, violence, corruption etc -- are the problems our forefathers dealt with.

Exodus 20 states, "Do not bow down to idols nor serve them, for I the Lord your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me" (v. 5).

I'm sure of all of us can think of families ripped apart by such problems as alcoholism, adultery, teenage delinquency, child abuse etc. You can examine your "family tree" and recognize a pattern of sin, disease, or infirmity. And think and shout, "Oh my family tree is a mess! There's a curse passed from generation to generation."

That can be true, not only of individuals, but also of nations (nations are "families" too!). I'm reminded of Egypt in the Bible, a "family" God tried to change but finally had to judge (well, it's in Exodus 11: 4-6). Moses warned Egypt and the Pharaoh of God's coming judgment for they were wallowing in sin. But inspite of that, the nation of Egypt kept hardening his heart towards God and His people. The Pharaoh continued to reject God's warnings. So finally, God said, "Now, I'm going to judge the Egyptian family." That brought all sorts of plagues and infirmities on the nation.

So what do we have -- what can save us, our families, our nations today?