Christine's Lesson on Her Flood Experience

Actress Christine Reyes and members of her family who were staying with her in Provident Village, Marikina City, got stranded on the roof of their house for 12 hours during the horrific floods brought by Ondoy. Eventually, Christine and her family were rescued.

Christine, during media interviews, made a statement that reflected on the lessons of her experience. I am reprinting them below for everyone who cares to read its message and apply in their lives:

"The experience was an eye opener. I realized that material things are nothing; they have no value. You can lose them and replace them. Life is more precious. Once lost, wala na, hindi na maibalik. I used to be secretive and sensitive. After that nightmare on September 26, my outlook in life has changed. I look at life differently now. Life is short, every moment is precious. Enjoy it to the fullest with your loved ones because you can never tell kung kelan ka mawawala."