The Price of Walking Away from God

I just read today Dr. Charles Stanley's article entitled "The Price of Walking Away."

He writes, "If you are carrying around sin, you are going to be weighed down. You can’t enjoy life completely, and you certainly cannot experience the full measure of God’s blessings and goodness. Jealousy and resentment will steal your joy and prevent you from reaching your potential in Christ. Greed will limit your ability to know what the Lord is calling you to do. And endless pursuit of worldly fame and wealth will harden your heart to the simple pleasures that He gives each day. Lust and immorality will deaden the heart and spirit to such a degree that hearing God becomes impossible. As believers, we cannot engage in sin and remain in close fellowship with our Father (Ps. 66:18). Over time, we will become spiritually deaf to the principles written in His Word. That leads to one wrong decision after another."

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