7 New Year Questions to Ponder On

There’s a saying, “Actions speak louder than words.”

Excuse me, but our reason for living is showing. The way we live and act reveals our purposes for life. Where we spend our energies tells a lot about our goals in this brief, earthly life.

Here are some questions for you to reflect on as the New Year 2010 approaches:

1. How do you spend your time?
2. Do you enjoy life?
3. To what are you looking for satisfaction and fulfillment?
4. Do you have a living, personal relationship with Christ in His Word so you know what life is really all about?
5. Can you honestly claim that you are obedient to the Lord? If not, why not?
6. What are you doing that has eternal gains and benefits?
7. What changes for the better do you intend to do this coming new year?

If these questions make you feel uncomfortable or even irritated, you probably need to know, as king Solomon did, that life is wasted when spent outside of His intended purposes.

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