Healing of Human Evil (Part 1)

Have you ever thought that "evil" is a psychological disease?

One time, I hadn't realized early enough I was hand-to-hand in combat with "evil." I tangled with blatant lies, deception, and hidden attacks from someone. I was torn. I did sense something was radically wrong. But it was subtle. So, in a span of time, I myself was a confused witness and victim of abnormal behavior that "evil" produces.

Let me take you further into everyday life. Is a rapist or murderer psychologically well? How about the adulterer or adulteress? Was the worship of idols by the masses ok? The corrupt-ridden officials of government? What should we tell someone who is selling marijuana to young people?

"A fool finds pleasure in evil conduct." (Proverbs 10:23)

In his bestselling book, "People of the Lie," Christian psychiatrist Dr. M.Scott Peck calls the "evil" in persons a form and sign of mental illness. Since "evil" is spiritual, this can be frightening to secular, humanistic psychotherapists and psychiatrists. Without a spiritual dimension in their therapy, they cannot claim full understanding of human nature and its healing process.

Indeed, some people are not merely ill or broken. But they are also manifestly evil -- "people of the lie." "Evil" is a spiritual, moral judgment if you base it from what Scriptures say. Another descriptive label for it is "sin" implanted into the nature of every human being.

"For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God" (Romans 3:23).

Examining it more closely, "evil" then inevitably becomes a psychotherapeutic concern and judgment as well.