Our Children Are Not Our Children

Our children are not our children! Though not doing consciously (or maliciously), some of us parents treat our children as if we "own" them. Like our cars, houses, bank accounts etc.

Truth of the matter is, we don't "own" the life of our children. They came through us, but they're not from us.

We can share our own thoughts and feelings to them, but they have their own thoughts and feelings. We can house their physical bodies but we cannot house their soul or spirit.

We can only guide, empower, and encourage them. But we can't control them; they control themselves...

In addition, we parents often think we "own" the money and things we provide our children. We don't "own" anything, even our own life, breath or heartbeat.

These things we provide our children come from God alone. They only pass through our hands. They are not from us.

We're only CHANNELS, not the SOURCE.