Therapeutic Walking

I walk each day. Though I live in the city filled with buildings and malls, walking still brings healing benefits. More therapeutic of course is nature walking. Whenever I'm able to, I grab the chance to walk, hike, or get out in nature ... It encourages me to slow down and relax, to look at small things under foot, to pay attention to the journey, reflect on what I see around -- trees, plants, rock formations, grasses, birds, wild flowers ... Such gives me an idea to do "outdoor psychotherapy" with those I help heal! Think about it. Counseling while nature walking in the park, forest etc. As Paul White points out, walking or hiking can "do more good for an unhappy adult than all the medicine in the world." ... I think of the last storm and floods we had in our city. As I walk, I take time to notice how nature survives tragedy and devastation. Wounded trees or plants are an example of the recuperative ability of nature. After the storm, they remain, heal, and thrive.