Are you a betrayed spouse? Heal and thrive with others. Join a B.A.N. support group.

If you're a betrayed spouse, I recommend that you join Beyond Affairs Network (B.A.N.) that runs support groups for betrayed spouses (men and women) in different countries of the world. It was featured in Oprah and Dr. Phil shows. Founded by Peggy Vaughan in 1980 and now directed by Anne Brecht, B.A.N. is based in the US and Canada.

Here's an invitation below from Philippine-Based Ortigas Beyond Affairs Support Group:

If you’ve been devastated by a spouse’s extramarital affair, there’s someone to help you through the shock, anger, and pain. Meet with others who share your experience and who can help you. Or just have someone to talk to about it who won’t judge you. The group is open to both men and women. Absolute anonymity and privacy is guaranteed.

Affair Recovery: Don’t Suffer Alone! Heal and Thrive with Others.

Join Phil-Based Ortigas Beyond Affairs Support Group

“As a therapist, I'm especially aware of the deep sense of isolation that clients often feel when they are trying to heal. So I'm grateful for having a support system to recommend. I've sent people to books and websites, but there's nothing like talking with "fellow trav¬elers" to help ease the journey.” (Dr. A)

“Thank you so much for the meeting tonight It makes me stronger to be around people who understand what I am experiencing. Thanks for your encouragement, the books and information and most of all for your friendship·” (Maria)

“This helps to change scattered destructive thoughts into focused thinking as one struggles to accept and understand the normal healing phases after affairs. Betrayed spouses are finally breaking the "Code of Secrecy," talking about the trauma associated with affairs.” (Cesar)

“I felt lost, alone and afraid. Finding this support group was my lifeline. I was no longer alone in my pain. I found healing.” (Christian)

“For many long, lonely years I kept the secret of my pain. Finding a support group, talking and shar¬ing with others, marked the beginning of my healing. My pain was out of the closet and into the light One of the most helpful as¬pects of it was listening to others' stories. It helped me to see that the pain and shame I felt were not unusual.” (Linda)

Contact us via email for complete information about the weekly affair recovery meetings, free resources, events, and any other questions you may have to heal from affairs.

The Phil-Based Ortigas Beyond Affairs Support Group Is A Coordinator Member of Beyond Affairs Network ( International Based in the United States and Canada.