Everyone Has A Religion

"What's your religion," a doctor asked a patient. "I have none," said the patient. Later, the doctor told the interns he's supervising: "Find out your patients' religions even if they say they don't have any."

It's inaccurate to say that one doesn't possess religion if he doesn't consider himself religious by virtue of belief in God or church membership. Everyone has a religion -- an explicit or implicit set of beliefs and ideas about the essential nature of life.

There is, among many, the ....

Religion of materialism or money.

Religion of science.

Religion of politics.

Religion of sex.

Religion of education or intellectualism.

Religion of philantrophy.

Religion of career or work.

Religion of hedonistic pleasure.

Religion of selfishness.

Plus ... much more!

See, everyone has a religion. A person's religion or worldview is at best incompletely unconscious. He or she is often unaware of how he or she views life.

In healing broken lives, a significant part of the cure is revising diseased religion or worldview. There's no other way.