A Letter of Recovery and Victory

This week, I received an encouraging note of healing and recovery from one of my readers of my psychotherapy blogs. May it happen to all of my readers!

Here's the brief letter:

"Dr. S~

I just want to take a moment to Thank You for your work on this blog. Words cannot describe how much you have helped me. You are very intelligent and spiritual, and what you do here has been a stronghold for me! I think I posted once before…not 100% sure….
I receive the affirmation and direction I have been searching for now for 2 years, by reading your blog. It is very generous of you to share your insight unselfishly.
With your insighful words, and that of some others along the way, I have finally been able to completely free myself from the bondage of an abusive relationship that I believe was the result of being involved with one who is, “the people of the lie”…I am today at total peace.

Thank You, and thank God!