Human Choice is Real

If there's one thing God does not control, it's people's freedom to choose between good and evil. He would not force us to follow or obey His will. Recovery and healing is something we choose. So are other important things in life such as love, purity, commitment, faithfulness, or godliness. God will never remove man's freedom of choice.

I'm reminded of how God dealt with faithless, adulterous Israel. Stubbornly, Israel cheated on God through its idolatries. Despite God's best efforts and stimulation, Israel remained sinful and disobedient to His will. God, the "betrayed spouse," let it be and removed His hand of blessing. "For all the adulteries of faithless Israel, I had sent her away ..." (Jeremiah 3:8). In time, such eventually led to Israel's destruction and suffering.

We're all free to choose. But someday, we must face God with our willingness or refusal to pursue His will and its accompanying consequences.