Online Psychotherapy (Part 1)

Online psychotherapy is a process whereby a psychotherapist does therapy sessions with a patient via the internet. It could be one-time, brief, or ongoing session by email, chat, video conferencing, internet phone, among others.

How do you know if online psychotherapy is for you? Here are some possible reasons:

... traditional face-to-face psychotherapy is not personally accessible nearby, and online psychotherapy appears to be the only way you can get help

... online psychotherapy is cheaper or more "cost-effective" than traditional psychotherapy

... your schedule is too busy or hectic and you're too tired to travel to see a therapist from work or family chores

... hospital or managed health care sometimes makes it difficult for people to receive urgent or sufficient care they need

... you are an OFW (overseas foreign worker) who wants to receive simultaneous help for one's individual and family needs even while physically away from home

... you are too nervous, shy, or embarrassed to personally see a psychotherapist

... your preferred, chosen psychotherapist lives in a distant place or country

... you can't afford to see a psychotherapist in person

... you need quick emergency help or perspective to meet the urgency and requirements of your situation

... you like to write expressively, informally, and in some detail about what you're going through in life and to keep records for learning purposes

... you need a short-term solution at best while working through a complex problem

... you need time to learn or build your skills for relating face to face

... you need a 24/7 source of help for your type of crisis

... you want advice now and then but not seeking any weekly commitment

... something is better than nothing if it will motivate me to seek needed help

... you want more specific information and in-depth analysis of your problem

... you wish to enrich or support your face-to-face psychotherapy with online sessions

... you need a one-time advice about a particular concern