Psychotherapy Plus ...Ganotherapy

In my practice of psychotherapy, I always recognize the medical and physical aspects of mental/emotional health. It's recommended that one who suffers severe depression, for example, go through a med check up and a regimen of physical self-care while undergoing psychotherapy sessions.

I urge people to keep away from synthetic "drugs" if possible because of its numerous side effects to other vital parts of the body. In place of "drugs," for disease cure or prevention, I go for natural, alternative medicine through ganoderma lucidum (scientific name), lingzhi (Chinese name) or reishi (Japanese name), which I myself take each day.

With a documented history of 3500 years and thousands of scientific/medical/clinical studies and proofs from Japanese, Chinese, and Western medicine, Ganoderma provides 250 medical/healing values. It's widely known as a "miracle herb" because it helps a person overcome practically any disease: cancer, diabetes, depression, heart disease or high blood pressure, indigestion, allergies, abnormal cells in the colon, etc.

You must know more about it and try it for your self to find out what I'm saying. And since it's natural, there are no overdoses or side effects!