Your Best Psychotherapist (Part 1)

Christ was deeply aware of psychological problems. Many of His supernatural healings were physical but a lot others had been mental, emotional, and spiritual. He took time to heal those who are afflicted, mostly in natural life environments.

Certainly, Jesus listened to people. He recognized underlying causes for outward behavioral disturbances. Following the example of Christ, a psychologically disturbed person needs to be treated and delivered through the loving care, touch, and authority of God's servants.

The Greeks under the leadership of Hippocrates took a more medical view of abnormality. The medical approach gives clinical tests, prescriptive medication, and advise to rest. Unfortunately, while we recognize that mental health disease could have physiological dimension, Hippocrates and others had some serious misunderstandings about the true nature of man and his healing in the area of thoughts, emotions, and soul.

Christ is a superb example of today's psychotherapists who treat the "total person" -- physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.