On Psychosis

Of all psychological illnesses, psychosis proves to be the most difficult and challenging to treat.

Psychosis means "losing touch with reality." According to the medical psychiatric DSM manual, it often involves delusions (false beliefs about reality inspite of obvious contrary evidence), hallucinations (perceptions not based upon reality, such as hearing voices), or persistently nonsensical speech or thoughts.

Psychotherapy and counseling may supplement medication for those suffering from psychosis. Here, the patient sorts through desires and difficulties and the psychotherapist evaluates family and home for sources of stress. In half way houses, psychotics are gradually given greater responsibility for household chores, shopping, or in employment as part of the therapy.

A person suffering from psychosis needs someone he or she can perfectly trust. With difficult disorders, only a genuine personal experience of the love and salvation of, and secure relationship with Christ can produce hope for a permanent recovery.