The Problem of Simplism

What is "simplism?" It's different in meaning from the word "simplicity," which is a virtue. In simplism, you become a hostage to the predicament of what is "normal," "fashionable," or "one-dimensional." Society in general fosters simplistic thinking in order to enforce certain values or norms (even negative or "self-destruct" ones). The problem of steriotypes and conventional thinking fall into this category. Media projects the "lies inherent in materialism" through its marketing. The images of "women as sex objects" and "masculinity through virility or income" prevents many men and women to find grace in the aging process. When we think simplistically, we "fail to think well beyond the surface." With such, we deny ourselves of what is true and essential in our lives. No wonder, we get confused, uncomfortable, and eventually broken along the way.


Spirit Coach said…
Very well said! I like your blog very much and plan to follow!