Healing Mental Health Suffering Without Drugs (Part 1)

When you suffer from an emotional, mental, or life distress, where do you go?

I want to answer that with a truth that may sound shocking. It's something you may not feel comfortable to hear, but need to know.

Going to a psychiatrist can be dangerous to your mental health. For decades, medical/biological psychiatrists declare people "mentally ill." And they try to treat the so-called "symptoms" with brain drugs, which are often more harmful than helpful.

Unfortunately, lots of people desire quick fixes to their complex problems. So, they take the drugs - not realizing that these drugs may be addictive or will have severe side effects on them. Worst, they could be taking these psychotropic drugs for non-existent illness!

The medical approach to mental illness is hugely deficient. It is based on the theory that the fundamental cause of mental distress is a "biochemical abnormality" or a "genetic defect."

Until now, after decades of psychiatric research, this medically-based psychiatric theory remains an unproven hypothesis. Strangely, while claiming biochemical or genetic origin, not a single psychiatric diagnosis today can be confirmed by a biochemical, radiological, or laboratory test.

As a March 2001 issue of the newspaper Chicago Tribune states: "It is a fact that despite decades of research, not a single gene responsible for mental illness has been found--the quest has been shattered by the debunking of highly visible reports localizing genes for schizophrenia. Similar fates met discoveries of genes for manic-depression, alcoholism, homosexuality."