Healing Mental Health Suffering Without Drugs (Part 2)

In actual practice, there is little openness within the field of psychiatry and conventional medicine for drug-less treatment of mental health illness. There is even almost no consideration among medical experts of the possibility that psychotropic drugs might be addictive (or even downright harmful!).

Surprisingly, Dr. William Glasser, a noted psychiatrist himself, wrote of the dangers of his own field in his book, "Warning: Psychiatry Can Be Hazardous To Your Mental Health." Commenting on seeking help from an establishment psychiatrist, he writes: "He will explain that to cure the 'pathology' that you do not have, you need brain drugs. He may also tell you that you may also benefit from counseling, but he will stress that brain drugs are the important part of the treatment... By putting drugs into your brain that interfere with its normal functioning, he is a hazard to your mental health. By downplaying what counselors can do for you, he is a further hazard to your mental health."

As author Dr. Terry Lynch, put it, "We doctors have become preoccupied with diagnosing mental illness and initiating medication treatments. The supposed mental illness becomes the focus of attention and the underlying human issues go unnoticed and unresolved."

In the last 20 years, according to Dr. Glasser, psychiatry has changed its focus from counseling to medicating. In sum, he warns of these hazards: 1. diagnosed as mentally ill when you are not 2. treated for nonexistent illness, often with harmful brain drugs such as Prozac, Zoloft, and Ritalin 3. and worst of all, told that there is nothing you can do for your self.

There's too much at stake. It's time to bring true mental health back into the picture. Life depends on it.