Jerks Are Hazardous to Your Health

From the many patients who undergo psychotherapy/counseling, from personal experiences and among us in general, we can see the tough reality of "jerks" hurting our lives. According to psychiatrist Dr. Meier, a "jerk" in its simplest form means "being selfish." He defines it as "anyone who selfishly uses or abuses human beings, animals, or the environment in any way, shape, or form." Going by the MMPI (personality psych test) criterion, its something linked to sociopathy which is one of the traits tested.

The root cause of this pathology, biblically speaking, is the sinful nature (Romans 3:23) that each one of us possesses. Thus, at least to some degree, reality says that there is a "jerk" within all of us. None of us is perfect. It's an unavoidable, "tough pain" of life.

There are some of us who suffered or are suffering abuse at the hands of a "jerk." As I've said, it's a matter of degree. Interestingly, Dr. Meier coins a a term to refer to a severe degree who feels no guilt in wrongdoing. He calls them "Nth-Degree jerks." According to him, "Nth-Degree Jerk" behavior and thinking makes a person sociopathic - a source of deep wounding and danger to those around him or her.

Take a look below at some of the signs Dr. Meier identifies as present in the nature of an "nth-degree jerk." You may need to learn emotional therapy and self-defense from them, and the first line of defense is to know the enemy!

Attitudes and Practices of An "Nth-Degree Jerk:"

* Never says "I was wrong" or "I'm sorry" - always has an excuse that puts blame on someone else.
* Is totally dishonest - tells boldface lies with absolutely no guilt .. may often lie when it would be more convenient or practical to tell the truth.
* Looks for ways to cheat and will steal without hesitation if given an opportunity.
* Never gives in at any point during argument, is always right, period.
* Flirting with those who are married, luring to have affairs.
* Sex with mate is entirely for personal gratification.
* Will use his/her personal opinion and interpretation of the Bible to justify his/her acts (e.g. lying, adultery).
* Breaks laws freely and when caught shows no remorse or concern.
* Never forgives.
* Has short temper and will vent anger violently, verbally, and/or physically.
* Openly proud of his/her "superiority."
* Refuses any kind of counseling or therapy.