Do You Like Your Background Music?

For countless ones among us, the mind carries "background music" that affects our feelings, actions, and relating to others. These are often overriding internal beliefs ("self-talk") about ourselves. They've become a "frame" in which one views life. Take a look at some and see if you have one or more of these: "I am inadequate" ... "My father/mother does not love me" ... "I have failed at my relationships" ... "I cannot take any more" ... "I have many fears that lead me to panic" ..."I am living at my limit" ... "No one accepts me" ... "I cannot endure stress or pressure" ..."I don't feel I amount to something" ... and many more. The list is horrifically negative. And there's no upside to all of these if you're living in with them. Therapy involves facing, clarifying, and changing the negative "backgound music" into something positive and life-giving.