Time, Money, and Psychotherapy

My personal engagement with psychotherapy work fits my gifts, life experiences, education/training, and passion to serve people. So, if you'll hear why I do what I do, you'll discover that I'm "outside the box." You'll see that I'm not "secular" or traditional or just working for the money. I'm a human being first, then a psychotherapist. Yes, there are fees involved ... but only for the hour/s spent. The fees do not actually pay for the therapy, only for the time set aside in which the therapy is to occur. The work of psychotherapy itself is priceless. It's an "unmeasurable world," the world of emotion, mind, spirit. No one can buy "emotional healing," a "restored relationship," a "livable, purposeful life" or sustained, genuine attention of a doctor/person and his insights. These, during therapy work, I give voluntarily and without charge to you. There's one more thing: I have "secrets" you can catch for your total healing. That's the most priceless one for free!