Money Therapy (Part 2)

Self-esteem plays a role in one's attitudes and perceptions towards money. People who are tied up with an impoverished self-esteem are ones who could be vulnerable to feel that they must have lots of money to have value in their own eyes.

I recall one housewife raised in poverty during childhood who became unhappy due to limited finances in the family. When she went into business, she began to be discontented with just enough or little money. Given the choice between faithfulness to God/family and money, she chose money. She simply could not satisfy herself.

Psychotherapist Samuel Warner gives us some insights on this in his book, "Self Realization and Self Defeat":  "To the man ... who inwardly nurses an injured self-concept, and who renders each day bearable by dosage with the opiate of future grandiosity, there is little or no pride in being an 'average success' ... There is rather for this man a sense of significance only in extremes ..."  Warner then continues to outline in his book a predictable pattern in those who have low self-esteem.