The Meaning of Love (Part 1)

Our first experience of love happens during our earliest years. We are recipients. We get hugs, gifts, cuddling. We are fed, cared for.  Infant or childhood love is instinctive, a spontaneous pouring out.

Depending on growth, at times love received may incline one to be selfish. If Dad or Mom etc is always doting, one may expect to expect such doting all the time. Sadly, some never went beyond this stage. They expect and even demand love to flow their way without understanding the meaning of love.

The result is a "shallow" understanding of love. I have nothing against sentimental, romantic feelings. They're enjoyable. They make us feel good. But romance is measured in fleeting, ecstatic moments.  In contrast, true love is measured in untiring years of responsibility, sacrifice, unselfish giving.  Genuine love is faithful.