Psychological Amniosis

A young man who began to excel in big-time sport has enormous talent and potential. Each practice, he would lean heavily on the attention and presence of his mother.  If she's not around, his play suffers and blocks his ability to become more than he is. Eventually, he quit the sport, citing reasons why he "cannot" do it.

Some people resign from opportunities to be more than they are. They turn away from growing. Their stance says, "I just want to get by and not make any ripples." Unwilling to stand on their own feet, they use others to "do" for them and "define" them. 

Psychologists call this malformed condition "amniosis." It means an inability to come out of the amniotic fluid and be born.  The mother's womb becomes a hiding place.  Amniotic adults want to be coddled, taken cared of, so they take flight by age regression.  They want to be spoon-fed again. In that way, they can feel dependent rather than assume responsibility for their lives.