Valentine Thoughts

It's pre-Valentine Sunday yesterday. As usual every week, my teenage daughter comes with me to church.  But this time, she introduced to me her "boyfriend" who then sat beside us during the service.  It's good the sermon was about God's love! After service, I joked a minister, saying, "I'm a struggling Dad now, my daughter is having a boyfriend!" ... Well, for many of us, boyfriend-girlfriend thing brings back childhood memories of candy hearts.  Those are nice feelings... Unfortunately, the true meaning of love as defined in Scripture has been corrupted (even commercialized) today in the common usage of our language, culture, and media. Most often, love is confused with infatuation, romance, sex, and self gratification.  You search "love" in the popular 24-volume encyclopedias and you'll discover that they'll point you to other entries such as sex, emotion etc. The world is not sure about the true meaning of love. Now we see where lies most people's woundedness. Unless replaced by true love, our "kind of" love in our relationships will always result in brokenness.