How Fragile Life Can Be

Yesterday, Japan suffered a huge, damaging earthquake and tsunami. It's an "experiential trigger." It happened. And it's again a reminder to us of how fragile life can be. In looking at the damage of this unwanted disaster, we can see a parallel in how the phenomenon gets lived out in people's lives. When we speak of "psychological/emotional earthquake and tsunami," we are looking at a broad range of wounds and damage. Some people are emotionally set up and capable of surviving ... and coming out stronger. Some are not, and may suffer breakdowns in functioning. This is why unless pain is adequately processed and worked through in time, trauma victims are more likely to worsen and repeat a maladjustment or dysfunctional cycle. "The tragedy is not that a man dies," Dr. Albert Schweitzer once wrote, "the tragedy of life is what dies inside a man while he lives."