Using Truth in Untruthful Ways

Is it possible to use truth in untruthful ways to get one's way? Sure. A spouse committed marital betrayal and infidelity. Instead of assuming responsibility over his/her own wrongdoing, he/she tries to justify and cover it up. He/she complains about inadequate family finances, sexual incompatibility, or his/her spouse's shortcomings, never mentioning his/her own infidelity and shortcomings. He/she becomes a master of mixing truths with half-truths. In a number of areas, he/she may be telling the truth. He/she could have a point. But he/she misses the "ultimate point." His/her point is not greater than his/her need to get help and stop cheating and become a man/woman of honor and integrity. In the light of the larger moral dilemma from which he's/she's unwilling to budge, he/she uses truth in untruthful ways. He/she is using it to manipulate and deceive while avoiding responsibility for his/her own life and recovery.