Should I Take Brain Drugs?

If you suffer from symptoms of depression or anxiety almost all psychiatrists will diagnose you with mental illness (DSM IV). Then they'll prescribe brain drugs (Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil etc.) for what they claim is your mental illness.

This is dangerous to your well-being. Evidence shows that drugs can damage mental health and even the brain itself.

Psychiatrists are the only doctors who diagnose illness when there is no pathology to support their diagnoses. There is no scientific or medical test to prove the existence of brain pathology in any of the 465 mental illnesses they claim exist.

Dr. William Glasser, author of the book "Warning: Psychiatry Can Be Hazardous to Your Health," writes: "Psychiatrists, aided and abetted by huge drug companies with their advertising clout, will convince you that your unhappiness is a mental illness...and treat you with possibly harmful brain drugs for this non-existent illness and tell you there is nothing you can do to help your self. These are more the hazards of psychiatry."

What a majority of psychiatrists won't or can't give you is what you need the most: counseling and psychotherapy. Part of the reason is that the largest part of training of psychiatrists in medical schools is "bio-chemical." Another has to do with health-care pressures and exaggerations coming from billion-dollar drug companies (as noted by Dr. Glasser).  A great number of psychiatrists treat patients with unproven neuro-chemical medication to have a quick fix (or profit) or cover up a lack of competence in the psychotherapy process.

Stay off "brain drugs."  They do harm. Instead, be free and healed by getting into shape - psychologically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

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