Your Healing Can Proceed Despite Incompleteness

You can't control the other. You surely cannot force him or her to be good or do the right thing. If you have made your best shot but are still unable to make progress, pack your emotional bags and move on. You cannot limit your recovery or suspend your life just because someone else refuses to go along with it. A Scripture therapy passage related to this that makes sound psychological and spiritual sense is found in Matthew 18: 15-17. A man committed adultery. He had refused every reason and approach to turn away from his wrongdoing. The betrayed wife tried her best to heal and help him restore their marriage. But her husband still chose to do anything he chooses and would not give her a moment of time to listen to her feelings. What options does the betrayed wife have in such a situation? To go on punishing her self or to punish her husband? Neither road offers real hope for personal recovery. Her only hopeful option is to grieve, forgive, and move on! As she does, in the course of time, she will start to heal and grow.