A Different Father's Day

Sunday is Father's Day. How I wish all fathers are well. The reality is, lots of children are broken today having no fathers in their lives. For some, the father died. For so many, their father abandoned them physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Before such happened, these Dads decided to quit being faithful husbands through adultery and/or divorce. They got more concerned about kicks and thrills than their kids. Their anatomy became more important than their son or daughter. They copied the world, taken captive by the enemy, in their selfish acts. Their goal was happiness, not holiness. If you're a Dad in this situation, the first stop on the way is to ask God our Father in heaven for forgiveness for what you've done. Be on your knees. Go into a healing/therapy journey. Return home to your family waiting and needing you. May this Father's Day be that kind of day for you.