Rx Moringa Oleifera: Change Your Food, Bring Your Health Back

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said a famous prescription: "Let food be thy medicine."

Yesterday, I was listening to a medical doctor who was explaining that much of our diseases (cancer, heart etc.) can be traced to poor diet or foods. He then enumerated the so-called "top cancer-producing foods," which includes hotdog, french fries, hamburger, and soft drinks, and the anatomy of illness/cancer.

Mental health is also affected by and closely linked to body nutrition. So its important that we exercise care in choosing the kinds of food we ingest each day. Instead of drugs or chemicals for your psychological/emotional distress, treat your self to healthy, natural healing foods.

In this regard, there is one that I'd highly prescribe for you to include in your "healthy diet:" Moringa Oleifera. Moringa Oleifera is a scientific name for a natural miracle tree now known worldwide for its tremendous healing benefits. According to scientific research, this miracle tree is able to prevent and even cure over 300 diseases.

In the Philippines, this miracle tree ("malunggay") is very popular, especially in the Visayas region. Its humble leaves and flowers are mixed in the dishes as food (such as in "tinolang manok"-my favorite) and they're very nutritious. They're also used to dress wounds/other diseases and address malnutrition. A saying in Cebu states that, during a typhoon, "it's better the house to be collapsed but not the 'malunggay'."

Here are some videos you may want to check out to know more about Moringa Oleifera:

Discovery Channel - Documentary of Moringa Oleifera

US President Barrack Obama's wife, Michelle, and
Her Testimony about Moringa Oleifera

Indeed, God has provided us everything we need in nature to stay healthy. This miracle healing tree, Moringa Oleifera, has more vitamins and minerals than anything else in this planet.

For further information and free consultation or materials/samples about Moringa Oleifera, email me at drsubida@gmail.com or call my hotline +6329063683020. I'd be more than glad to support your healing/therapy journey with Moringa Oleifera.