Financial Therapy Thru Webpreneurship

Do you have "money sickness?" I believe each one of us needs healing from money issues to some degree. We can all agree that money is important. But it's not the most important thing in life. We owe it to ourselves to pursue meaningful existence in this life pursuit and beyond.

My life's purpose is to help people heal. Such inevitably involves, among others, the area of finances. In a world where millions get affected by a global economic meltdown, financial problems cause a lot of breakdowns in life and relationships.

It's a scary time for me. A time of change. And a time of breaking away from the normal way of looking at and doing things.

It's normal to hold an 8 to 5 job, put in your hours, and get your paycheck. You have a boss. You don't own your time. Ordinarily, you are chained to a desk all day. Today it's even normal week by week to fall into debts beyond office hours.

Like most of you, I thought it's security to hold a job. Some even go overseas to be employees, leaving their families, believing that's where the security is. But is there such a thing? Does job security even exist anymore?

I remember my freedom day not long ago. Freedom from the "handcuffs" of the world. Freedom from letting others create job security for me, being dependent on government or corporations. I underwent a much needed perspective shift in this area.

It's called "entrepreneurship." Its unique growing niche or branch is "webpreneurship."

Not a job, just putting in hours. But a revolutionary kind of business of your own for the value you share. And in the process, you create your own security and lifestyle.

I love the web. It's the great equalizer when it comes to entrepreneurship. No need to worry about your age, your wrinkles, your color, your distance, your capital, your education - or the lack thereof. It's a level playing field from 20 to 120! So forget the barriers that exist in the brick and mortar world. The web is the place to be!

Maybe you're in a tough situation. You're restricted by the world's "handcuffs." You have fears walking away from being an employee to being an entrepreneur, creating a life of your own. You feel you can't survive without that job or insurance.

I don't have that issue. A lot of people become entrepreneurs driven by circumstances or forced by desperation. I came from the side of passion! It's simply too painful to stay where I was. So I started to make changes in my mentality and not be dictated by the world's "handcuffs."

I don't suggest you quit your job, if you have one right now. That's the last choice you want to make. Instead I'd rather encourage you to think about what I'm saying here. And gradually make a transition from job to entrepreneurship or its special version, webpreneurship, while reducing the strengths of those "handcuffs."

Hope this helps and sets you free!