One Day I Was Scared To Death!

You can't get a candy from this post, no matter how hard you try. I just want to share this ...

It happened only several weeks ago. I was walking fast in the vicinity of a parking area in Robinson's Galleria.

Just as I was rushing, all of a sudden a parking iron cord hit my legs and I fell down. It was a hard fall. It happened so fast I didn't even realize what happened till my face began to swell. The concrete floor hit my left cheek and bone. And it hurt.

A couple from my Thursday group - Robert and Betsy - waited at Medical City after being informed, probably thinking my head could had been smashed. Fortunately, it was not. Grace and Nora, two friends who run a facial med clinic and live the nearest, rushed to the scene and brought me to their house for first-aid. Things got better though the big swelling remained. And I was able to come home.

A few days after, my surgeon-friend, Doc Nap, from the hospital had my cheekbone x-rayed to find out if there's a fracture. Thank God, no fractures. Eventually, the bruise and swelling healed and disappeared. It's back to normal now.

A scary experience. Hmmm ... come to think of it I'm glad it's over. I'm thankful to God because things could have turned out much worse. My earthly life could have ended in split second.

It does make us think of these questions ...

Am I living a life of lasting purpose and meaning?

Am I doing and enjoying things right or waiting until I get older?

Are there things I have to change today to live the life that truly matters?

Be thankful for what you have now. Life is a journey to learn not to get too stuck with what's going on because it's just a small part of time.

Live your best life, because you don't know what is coming in your tomorrows. When it's all over, we go back to what really is our essence.

"Remember also your Creator in the days of your youth, before the evil days come and the years draw near ..."  (Ecclesiastes 12:1)