Discover Your Therapy In The Rise of the Apes

What motivates you to heal and create?

Last night, I watched the movie "Rise of Planet of the Apes." One of the things from the movie that stood out to me strongly as a therapist is the drive of Will Rodman, the scientist of the "apes." He was driven to find a cure in the course of his work to save the life of his father who's suffering from an illness. He is not doing it for money. Will is doing it in order to make a difference. And it's a problem that's so real to him because of his personal story and what his father is going through.

What about you? When all is said and done, what is the meaning behind your pain or struggles? What problems have you resolved that you can share with others? What contribution can you make to make the world a better place that's beyond your hurts and your circumstances?

In my case, I have a mission of helping people heal and it's really based on my personal story. It's beyond just making more money. My personal story drives me to find and share the cure that can save others.