Pain Becomes A Happy Song If You Learn From It

Pain is an unavoidable reality. Life is hardly complete without encountering it. But it is not the ultimate reality. Health is, given our built-in power to heal our selves.

Pain can be a great teacher, depending on how you make of it. In some, pain produces character and sainthood. In others, it develops bitterness and selfishness. As the saying goes, you pay your money and you take your choice.

John Greenleaf Whittier, a 19th century poet, wrote, during a serious illness: "I think sickness has a wonderful effect in fanning into life the half-extinguished 'conscience." For him, conscience may had been reduced in power by comfort or daily busyness. During sickness, Whittier discovered his conscience reawakening to full power.

People at times persist in wrongdoing, vices, or self-destructive behavior. Then pain or affliction comes. Precious pain! It can be the only teacher that finally proves effective.

In a sure sense, you can sing a song of thanksgiving for your pain. You don't seek pain, of course. But if it comes, you can embrace it by singing a happy song! It's end result is joy, because it elevates your mind, heart, and soul.

But only if you let it.