The Sculpture of Personality

No psychiatrist or psychologist has invented a crystal ball to predict how a person will think, feel, or behave to certain situations. However, in the fields of neuropsychiatry and behavioral genetics, they are claiming the foundations of personality as a determinant of how one will be playing the "game of life" the rest of life.

Personality is your distinctive way of being, of becoming, your emotional style, your way of expressing yourself, your body language. It's what your high school classmates easily recognize as staying the same after you gained lots of weight and started to turn white in your hairs! "Why, you haven't changed!" is a common remark one hears.

Your hand - your personality style and predispositions - have been analyzed by doctors to be fairly set by the end of childhood. Of course, you grow and change throughout lifetime. Environment and life experience - parents/family, culture, life events, peers etc. - contribute together to sculpt the "you." But you do so in your own characteristic, consistent way.

Count on people playing the game true to their personalities. Even well into old age.