Blocks To Therapy (Part 4)

This roadblock to therapy and healing can be a tough one to counter: "conditioned disconnection." I say this because, for one thing, it's often multi-generational. The block is commonly traceable to the bloodlines - modeled by father, mother, and other significant others.

If you live in yours, you will have no difficulty understanding this block. You live alone inside your head. You can be in a place full of people and still feel isolated and disconnected. You interact with people every now and then. But you have no deep connection to anyone and are unable to be adequate for any type of relationship.

Disconnection tendencies can come by in therapy. One who has been emotionally abandoned or abused during childhood, for instance, may have made a strong assessment that the world is unsafe. He may have made up his mind about himself, people, and life in general. And he prefers not to trust any relationships (including that with a therapist), suggesting he could possibly not be on target.

So a beginning of personal healing is making a courageous move to connect deeply with others. It involves opening one's heart and mind to a new way of looking at reality. It's learning "intimacy" no matter how long one has lived with perfect, conditioned disconnection.

It's a giant therapeutic step. It's necessary, if one is to see life as it really is.