Can Trust Be Recovered?

"How can I trust her again after what she has done?"

This was the question posed by a sincere husband whose wife committed adultery and wrecked their home. He gave her chances to regain her integrity, but his wife continued to violate his confidence through ongoing deception and lies. As it happened more than once, his trust diminished and in time disintegrated.

Can trust be recovered? Sure, if integrity is recovered. Trust disappears when integrity disappears. Trust begins to recover when one confesses and asks for forgiveness for the wrong done. At that moment, the seed of integrity is planted again.

Trust, however, takes time to be fully recovered. It was not damaged overnight. And it will not bloom immediately. Yes, you can trust again. But such trust will be founded on a record of integrity. The offender needs to water the tender plant of integrity until its roots sink deeply again into the relationship.