The Mirror

When you are caught up in your own world, you tend to see things the way you want to see them. It can be hard to see your self and your own problems as they really are.

I like this story about an elderly man and his wife. They walked into a fine art gallery. As they entered the lobby, the elderly man looked at an image hanging on a wall and began to critique it. He said, in his arrogant and grouchy manner, "First of all, that frame is not even fit for a fine painting. It has no place in the art gallery. Second, the subject is not worthy to be a painting. He is lifeless, drab, and there is no meaning to the painting." His wife interrupted him and responded, "Honey, that is not a painting. That is a mirror!"

We are all blind in some ways. We can miss the reality of our lives, unable to see the truth about ourselves... especially if we have blinders on. That lead us to distort the truth we see, so we don't have to face changes or admit wrong.

We need people and truth to mirror who we are. We need to allow others to speak the truth to us, admit things as they really are, and get on to heal our lives.