The Mystery of Unjust Wounds

Like a lot of people all over, I remember 9/11 - the day that changed the world. Yesterday, I joined in remembrance the 10th anniversary of September 11, 2001.

The 9/11 is another of this life's riddles, wrapped up in a mystery. Inside an enigma. Why is it that thousands of innocent people were killed rather than the brutal terrorists? Isn't it amazing how masses of people can get away with evil, deception, dishonor, and go right into more extreme acts of destruction untouched by justice?

The scene is relevant.  Why is it that a sweet, talented young girl gets killed by a dengue mosquito bite?  Why is it that a loving family with five children traveling down a highway is hit head-on by a drunk driver who walks away unharmed, while the family members are all killed? Why is it that a faithful spouse gets betrayed by the adultery of his/her spouse? Why is it that some people get wealthy on cheating, prostitution, drug dealing and abuse, and illegal gambling, while those who are honest and loyal can barely make ends meet?

It's a mystery that defies explanation - the mystery of unjust wounds.  Who hasn't struggled with it?

Ultimately, we must each admit that we're all just human. We're all finite and fallible. We must each admit that we can't understand why and we may never on this earth learn why. We have no power to explain and change the situation within our human means.

So it is time to admit that, through all the misery and mystery, we've to learn to trust not in ourselves but in the only One who can give us meaning. We then can have joy in the midst of life's wild, crazy, mysterious circumstances when we respond in this manner.

As a result, we ourselves become a mystery.